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2017 Action Team PSA

Volunteers of America and the Major League Baseball Players Trust have teamed up to encourage high school students to get involved. Youth volunteers, along with Major League baseball players, have formed Action Teams to deliver an important message—volunteering is fun and personally rewarding!

Video Transcript

Hishaam, Action Team Teen Captain and Volunteer:
It does not take an extraordinary person to make a difference.

Rachel, Action Team Teen Captain and Volunteer: It's just a matter of what kind of a difference we choose to make.

Kevin Kiermaier Tampa Bay Rays Player: We do what we do on the field, but we have a duty off the field as well.

Lonnie Chisenhall, Cleveland Indians Player: It doesn't take much to make a big impact.

Rachel: Just having a positive attitude or helping someone every now and then makes more of a difference than I think any of us realize.

Hishaam: To learn more about starting an action team, visit our website.

Lonnie: Anyone can really make a difference.