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Action Team Short Documentary: Hishaam's Story

Hishaam, an Action Team captain and volunteer discusses the importance of volunteering and working with Major League Baseball players through the Action Team youth volunteer program.

Video Transcript

Hishaam, Action Team Caption:
Hi, my name's Hishaam and I am the Action Team captain at King High School in Tampa, Florida. I like my baseball, I enjoy serving the community. What drives me is just seeing people that are not in the same position I am. I want to give back to others that may need help in their lives and whatever aspects that may be. When I was a sophomore in high school, I was looking for a way to help the community, in like a leadership role and I saw the commercial for Action Team on TV, and I decided then, I would take it and create an Action Team at King High School.

The Action Team, it really allows you to become a leader and it allows you to do more than just volunteer. It allows you to kind of come together for a common cause and allows you to learn new skills in life. My favorite activities from this year would be obviously, buddy baseball because since I'm a baseball player. I find it really near and dear to me that I'm helping kids with disabilities play the game that I love. Kevin Kiermaier and Tim Beckham from The Rays came out today.

Kevin Kiermaier: Came to Play didn't ya?

Speaker 3: Oh yes.

Kevin Kiermaier: Wow, I might have to get some tips from you after, okay?

Speaker 3: Yes.

Hishaam: I go to buddy baseball every week and I see the same kids but when they (the Rays players) came out, it was kinda cool because we all know who they are, and all the kids got excited and it was just really, it was pretty cool.

Tim Beckham: So you like helping people huh?

Hishaam: Yeah.

Tim Beckham: Cool, man, cool man. It's what it about.

Kevin Kiermaier: Yup it is, giving back any way you can.

Tim Beckham: Helping the next generation, man. Well I appreciate what you guys doing. It's cool man. Really cool.

Kevin Kiermaier: Pay it forward as much as you can from a young age and just keep the same habits as you get older, man it only gets easier and you’ll feel really good about yourselves. That's what life's all about. We do what we do on the field but we have a duty off the field as well. There we go. It's our duty to give back to the community any way we can, and events like today, helping out with special needs kids, that's what it all about.

Tim Beckham: Giving that experience man, they're going to remember this for life. It's cool man.

Kevin Kiermaier: Action Team for life.

Hishaam: Starting the Action Team is really simple. Getting members to join, you can just ask any of your friends. Volunteering itself is also really simple. All you have to do is just find something that you guys are passionate about because if you're passionate about what you're doing, you see it as something you want to do. You don't see it as work or as something that's kind of a burden. You see it as something that is just joyful and it's fun to you. It does not take an extraordinary person to make a difference. Anyone, no matter what, can make differences in their community. All it takes is dedication, time, passion, and a collective belief in the power of people to do good. To learn more about starting an Action Team, visit our website.